“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat” – Sun Tzu

My teaching experience expands across three continents: Latin America, Europe and Asia. I have taught high schoolers in France, undergraduates in Mexico and graduate students in Hong Kong. I have been shaped by my students varied age, gender and cultural background, as well as by their constant desire to become thriving young professionals.

In a world with emerging technologies challenging traditional models every day, students need the tools to develop an agile and adaptable mindset. I thus seek to motivate my students to critically engage and contest the media messages they encounter; to help them create novel content, in view of larger strategic ongoing processes and connect the class learning objectives with their professional goals and most importantly, their communities’ challenges.

To do so, I facilitate wide-ranging opportunities where they can proactively construct the first steps towards their future objectives and personalized ways where they can probe them, whether it is a 2-min presentation, an online collaboration with a new classmate, a mentorship program, a local contest or a community project, I am constantly looking for new ways to incorporate my background and research interests with my students’ goals.

A summary of my teaching philosophy is provided in the CLASS AWARDS 2018 website, a teaching award granted for ‘innovative, effective and well-implemented teaching’, obtained for my methods in encouraging participation, diversity inclusion & community commitment at City University of Hong Kong.

Taught Courses

  • COM400 Communication Research Methods (undergraduate)
  • COM3410 Consumer Behavior Analysis (undergraduate)
  • COM5401 Advertising Production & Management (graduate)
  • COM5405 Consumer Behavior Insight (graduate)
  • COM5106 Integrated Marketing Communications (graduate level)
  • DS09005 Globalización y cambio social (undergraduate & online)
  • IN09001-4 Inglés I-IV (undergraduate & online)

Sample documents

Here are a few sample documents to illustrate my teaching.