“We are blind to the discrimination we don’t feel

Research about minorities is intrinsically connected to social justice. Throughout my travels, I have found injustice occurs not only to the communities we identify with, but to every one we live in. I am always surprised how immigrants, minorities and women bear the brunt of neglect, no matter where they come from. My research, teaching and service is inspired by their commitment to communicate and challenge this situation.

Community service

During my time in Hong Kong, I volunteered a bit of time and research resources with these two organizations: Rainlily & MMN. Rainlily advocates for victims of sexual-based violence & the Mekong Migration Network (MMN) collects research on documented and undocumented immigrants in the Greater Mekong Sub-region. It is hard to imagine immigration problems exist outside of Europe and the U.S., but people crossing borders and rivers to make a better living for their family is universal. From my time working there and although not from the same cultural background, I found striking similarities with my Nepalese, Indian and Chinese friends in the emotional demands society places on women and how they interpret violence against women (VAW).

In Singapore, I visited VAW and LGBT organizations for our ongoing project. In a country that thrives on multiculturalism, homosexuality is still legally penalized and public opinion towards the subject was an issue we all fell compelled to keep exploring.

In California, I have begun interviewing GBV nonprofits in Mexico and the region. More to come on that!

Academic service

I am an active member of the Ethnicity and Race in Communication Division of the International Communication Association, the Minorities and Communication Division from AEJMC and the Digital Media in Latinx and Latin America ICA preconference. Please follow us on @EthnicityRace and @MacAEJMC.