My research interests include public relations/strategic communication & political communication in the creation and contestation of media content of minority populations. In specific, I take a look on the contextual, sociological and technological factors that influence the news media coverage of minorities’ issues and how minorities create, promote and strategically contest these mainstream media messages. My focus is particularly on Latin American and Asian women, and ethnic minorities.

The methodological approaches I employ have become primarily quantitative. I mostly rely on content analysis and public opinion data, with several of my new projects including experiments and computational analysis of large text data sets.

Current Research Projects

  • Domestic Violence advocacy agendas meet journalists’ routines in Mexico.
  • Examining Contact Theory in Online Environments. The impact of social identities in the interaction with immigrants and LGBT communities in online Singapore environments (w/Dr. Ben Detenber, Dr. Joyce Pang, Lew Zi Jian).
  • Source (minority & female) strategies in non-Western International broadcasts in Spanish (w/Dani Madrid Morales).
  • The digital strategies of pro and anti-immigrant advocacy groups (w/Vinicio Sinta). Data collection stage


Peer-reviewed journal articles

  • Lovric, Bruno & Hernández, Miriam (2022). “Bosnia and Herzegovina on Screen: Self-Orientalism in Jasmila Zbanic’s Quo Vadis, Aida?” Studies in Eastern European Cinema (Sample),
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Book chapters

  • Flores, Ruben; Saldierna, Alma & Hernández, Miriam (2021). “Consumo de medios y su impacto en las conductas de preven­ción del contagio.” In Carlos Muñiz (Eds.), Medios de comunicación y pandemia de COVID-19 en México (pp. 185-210). Nuevo León: Tirant Humanidades, ISBN: 978-84-1865-632-3 (Sample copy, please do not distribute).
  • Hernández, Miriam; Saldierna, Alma & Marañón, Felipe (2019). “La brecha de género en los niños y niñas de Nuevo León. De la socialización política a la sofisticación política.” In Alma Saldierna y Carlos Muñiz (Eds.), Formación cívica y socialización política en la educación básica (pp. 97-125). Nuevo León: Fontamara. ISBN: 978-607-736-587-7.

Selected Conference Participations

  • Hernández, Miriam, Madrid-Morales, Dani & Ross, Meredith (2022). “Female Journalists and Sources in State-Funded International Television News: A Five-Country Content Analysis.” ICA Annual Conference in Paris, France [Hybrid]. Journalism Division.
  • Lovric, Bruno & Hernández, Miriam. (2022). “Bosnia and Herzegovina on Screen: Self-Orientalism in Jasmila Zbanic’s Quo Vadis, Aida?” ICA Annual Conference in Paris, France [Hybrid]. Popular Media & Culture Division.
  • Benjamin Detenber; Pang, Joyce, Hernández, Miriam; Lew, Zijian; Tan, Jzz & Teo Min Yu (2021) “Examining direct and vicarious online contact effects on Singaporeans’ attitudes toward Chinese immigrants”. ICA Annual Conference in Denver, U.S. [Online]. Intergroup Communication Interest Group
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